About us

Welcome to Apps4Trip.com!

Our site is dedicated to the most interesting iOS and Android apps for tourists, travelers and various gadgets owners.
We have long had the idea of making such a project. Our team are young and active people, not imagining their life without trips and, of course, having modern gadgets. It happened so, that when we were in Thailand, for example, we needed to buy a ticket to a neighborly paradisiac island. Where is the nearest ticket office? How much does a ticket cost? What are the flights for tomorrow? There are numerous questions to be answered.
Our aim is simple – to make your trip more comfortable and mobile with the help of your gadget. Of course, you can take a compass and maps with yourself, stuff your case with thick phrase- and reference books, provide yourself with booking offices and hotels phone numbers, but we think, that this all is much easier, when your smartphone fulfills all these functions. This simple thought was what conceived the idea of making our site. There are thousands of applications, hundreds – of good ones, and our reviews will help you find out which are better and worse ones. We write all reviews on the basis of our own experience – this is why they get to be so truthful and bright.