Book hotels quickly and easily with Priceline


Priceline is one of the biggest booking systems not only in USA, but also in other parts of the world. Priceline has been existing since 1998 and has many subsidiary companies via which you can find and book hotels, air tickets and rent cars in all the world.
The company is aimed firstly at American trip market and very often offers hotel rooms by very advantageous prices. (more…)

Cars for rent with Europcar


Have long dreamt of making a car trip, but do not have a private vehicle? Or it broke and you need to go somewhere right in the moment but do not have time to call a taxi? Or, maybe, you do not like walks and prefer to see sights and enjoy fast driving simultaneously?
These problems can be easily solved with Europcar! Prepare to say goodbye to daily routine and be ready to hit the road! (more…)

KAYAK: plan your trip from beginning till end


The popular KAYAK touristic service is a real discovery for those who go on an independent journey for the first time. One can plan any trip from beginning till end with its help, whether it is vacation in tropical countries or a business trip.

Any trip begins with searching and booking air tickets. And KAYAK copes with this task excellently. (more…)