Airbnb — search for housing around the world


Airbnb is an app using which you can easily find, choose and book lodgings at fixed prices online using a phone or a computer from any corner of the globe, to any taste and purse. At first you should choose what city or country will be your place of rest. For this just enter the name of locality in the search line. Using a filter you can choose the following parameters: number of bedrooms, bathrooms and also number of beds in a bedroom. (more…)

Comfortable rest with HomeAway


If you plan your vacation and search for a source which would help you rent accommodations to live in during the rest, then the HomeAway app will suit you perfectly.

The HomeAway company acts as an intermediary between property owners and real estate managers and travelers who search for convenient accommodation with suitable price for a rest time to be a worthy substitute for hotels. (more…)

Hotel Tonight: when you need a room here and now


Hotel Tonight is an app which will help you find a place or a shelter in more than 75 cities of the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe in shortest terms. Furthermore, with the help of this seemingly simple program you can significantly reduce your costs and rent a luxury hotel room for rather a reasonable price.
The main difference of Hotel Tonight from other apps for hotel booking (, is stake on urgency. (more…)