Be in control of your journey with New York Subway Map

Finally decided to visit New York? Awesome! Lots of unforgettable moments, impressions and feelings are already waiting for you. We are pretty sure that at least once you will use metro to reach the needed destination. This is why you have to make sure you have downloaded on your mobile device this unique and brilliant app called New York Subway Map! (more…)

New York Museum Guide – choose your museum!

New York Museum Guide - icon
Plan your trip to the museums in New York City easily and with pleasure using New York Museum Guide! This unique mobile app has beautiful and clear interface and smart organization tools. It will help you not only learn about the well-known museums, but also their schedule, location on the map and entry fee. New York Museum Guide is an irreplaceable helper for every tourist in New York! (more…)

Pack things with uPackingList!


uPackingList – a true aider of a modern traveller – will help you pack things (and not to forget anything) and prepare for any trip.

Familiarization with the program starts with a greeting page on which there is advice how to use the application. Thereafter, when you get used to the work with uPackingList, this option can be disabled. (more…)