Unlimited Internet with Free Wi-Fi Map


Several years ago you could hardly imagine you would be able to use wireless Internet. But progress has been made and in almost all public facilities there are points of wireless connection to Internet and in modern gadgets there are integrated Wi-Fi modules.You just need to find a wireless Internet point with the help of Free Wi-Fi Map application.
The principal of work of Free Wi-Fi Map is quite simple: it analyzes data of the known to many Foursquare service and chooses data about Internet connection. As a result, we have a convenient instrument for searching Wi-Fi points. (more…)

Easy Internet access with Free Wi-Fi Finder


Those who do not imagine their life without Internet and want to keep in touch even in trips will appreciate the Free Wi-Fi Finder application. The program database includes almost 500 000 free Wi-Fi points in whole world and it means, that you won’t have to spend your precious time for searching of Internet connection.
The program can use your current location (then you’ll see the nearest points to you) as a starting point or a location your choose. (more…)