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We live in the constantly evolving world where technology is developing rapidly, and more and more people prefer to get information through pictures or videos.

An iOS application Around, which functions are similar to Instagram and Foursquare, is an ideal aider for a modern man, who always wonders what is happening around.

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So how does it work? The app is a kind of photo feed where all images can be sorted by the following criteria:

  • distance from you to the author of a picture;
  • the importance of photographs;
  • user ratings.

Liked any photos? You can leave a comment, like a photo and add the author to your friend list. But even if you don’t want to socialize, the Around app can be interesting for you.

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Its homepage is a photoblog, displaying pictures of your friend or pictures that were made near your location. The application considers the distance between you and other users, as well as the date and rating, so you get the latest and the most interesting photos.

Besides, the app can be used without registration, that is perfect for those who just want to browse galleries. However, if you want to share your photos with other users, then you need to be logged in with your account in Twitter or Facebook.

The app stores GPS coordinates of the photo within 5 meters, depending on the weather and the fact whether you are in a building or in the street. Due to this accuracy you can use it as a map and easily find any cafe, shop or a bus stop.

Download the Around app now and estimate all the functions.

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  • ability to evaluate and comment on your favorite photos;
  • application can be used without registration.


  • only for iOS.
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Operating system:






4 out of 5

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