Be in control of your journey with New York Subway Map

Finally decided to visit New York? Awesome! Lots of unforgettable moments, impressions and feelings are already waiting for you. We are pretty sure that at least once you will use metro to reach the needed destination. This is why you have to make sure you have downloaded on your mobile device this unique and brilliant app called New York Subway Map! (more…)

Move around Barclelona with Barcelona Metro Map

icon_Barcelona Metro Map
Barcelona is known as one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. Funny how it’s even more popular among the tourists than its capital, Madrid. The app called Barcelona Metro Map helps you plan your route when travelling on the Barcelona Metro. Let’s now take a closer look at this mobile application made by mxData Ltd. (more…)

InstaPlace – make your photos truly unique

If you are an active Instagram user and also love to travel a lot and take photos of different places and curiosities, then you definitely need the mobile app called Instaplace! The whole set of beautiful decorations and letterings that you can use on your photos and videos will make even the most ordinary picture interesting and unique. Everyone is gonna be so jealous of your photos! (more…)

Soundwave — find out what the world is listening to!

Soundwave_logo (1)

The Soundwave app is a real godsend for music lovers. Have you always been interested to know, what the others are listening to? With this application, you can easily find out what kind of music your favorite celebrities, music fans from around the world or people, who live with you in the same city, prefer. Thus, Soundwave significantly expands the musical world. (more…)

Ajust brightness with Instagram


What does a modern person need a phone for? Only for phone talks? For every year developers offer mobile devices users more and more applications thanks to which gadgets become multifunctional platforms for entertainment.

One of such entertainment apps is Instagram service, which has been downloaded for more than 9 millions times. So what is this program? (more…)

The most accurate weather forecast from Accuweather


Is it important for you to know weather forecast with high accuracy level? AccuWeather is one of the most popular apps for weather tracking. This service is the most accurate source of weather forecasting, from which many foreign mass media receive info. The AccuWeather app allows you to get a detailed weather forecast in any part of the world. Besides, you can track several places simultaneously and get information about hourly forecast, precipitation level, atmospheric pressure, wind direction and many other things. (more…)

Airbnb — search for housing around the world


Airbnb is an app using which you can easily find, choose and book lodgings at fixed prices online using a phone or a computer from any corner of the globe, to any taste and purse. At first you should choose what city or country will be your place of rest. For this just enter the name of locality in the search line. Using a filter you can choose the following parameters: number of bedrooms, bathrooms and also number of beds in a bedroom. (more…)

MapsWithMe Pro – whole world in one app


Off-line maps MapsWithMe – an application which will always show you the way, even if you are far from civilization and can only dream of access to Internet.

Launch the program, choose a country needed, download a map. Done! Now you can use it in any time, without mobile connection and not thinking about prices for roaming. (more…)

Have an advantageous vacation with Cheaptrip


What is the first thing you used to do, when you were going on a trip? Used Google or Yahoo! to find a tour that is right for you. Now, however, there is a wide range of travel applications, which can simplify significantly the process of trip planning.

The Cheaptrip application is a mobile client of one of the most famous and popular travel communities in Live Journal devoted to the last minute trips. (more…)

Tripomatic — your best travel planner


What does summer mean to you? First of all, summer vacation is time for traveling. The most favorable time for new experiences. Thousands of people pack their backpacks and bags and set off on a exciting journeys through the cities and countries. But don’t forget that only a well-planned trip can bring fun, positive and unforgettable emotions. The app that will help you to manage this critical activity is called Tripomatic. And nowadays it’s one of the most promising travel services. (more…)

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