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Would like to know where your friends and close people are when it’s necessary to arrange a party or a meeting? Or need to gather all familiar people at one place immediately? Then use the Find My Friends app by all means.

Find My Friends is a convenient social service with a stylish design which can easily find your close people, friends, colleagues, group mates, acquaintances etc. just with the help of a mobile gadget.

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What to start the work in this program with? At first enter the app, specify you Apple ID, under which your iCloud account is registered (if you do not have an account, it is easy to create it in iTunes) and start using it. Send inquiries to your friends, when they confirm the possibility to track them, you can easily find their location on the map.

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The meeting postponed? Or not all of your friends happened to be where you invited them? Just share your location for a definite period of time (set manually in settings) with your colleague or a company of friends by sending them invitations thanks to which they will be able to see geo location of each other. Thus, Find My Friends will greatly facilitate your life, especially if to say about meetings in unknown cities or countries. With the Find My Friends app you will always be in touch and your meetings will never get in jeopardy.

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  • usability;
  • possibility to find necessary people.


  • only for iOS.

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Operating System:



Apple Inc.



4 out of 5

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