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Tired of dull, blank days? Want bright colors and exotic? Make an exciting trip to one of the most mysterious oriental countries – Japan. The Fotopedia Japan from Fotonauts Inc. will help you in that.

The service will offer you a great choice of bright photos on various themes: nature, sports, music, children, sights etc. You just need to choose the necessary category and enjoy viewing shots.

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In the app there are plenty of interesting stories, unusual facts thanks to which you will discover a lot about the country of rising sun, here are some of them:

  • Japanese monarchy is the oldest continuous hereditary monarchy of the world;
  • lifetime in Japan is considered to be one of the highest in the world;
  • Japan is extremely prone to earthquakes, averagely there happens up to 15000 earthquakes;
  • in Japanese cities practically at every corner there are vendor machines where you can buy consumer goods;
  • in Japanese villages they do not send invitations to weddings or funerals. Such events are supposed to be public, that is why all country people help in cooking and preparation of all necessary details of the event.
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One of the remarkable advantages of the app is frequent updating of “Photos” and “Stories” sections (free service).Thus, you will learn something new about Japan practically every day, and possibly want to visit this magic country in near future.

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  • informativity;
  • big amount of stories and photos.


  • only for iOS.
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4 out of 5

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