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If you still have doubts about what city to choose for visiting, then the app we are gonna discuss now already can help you make a right choice and reassure you. Welcome to the Friendly Cities – new unique and very original mobile guide for most popular cities in the world. Use your mobile device to plan the trip of your dream!

Friendly Cities features useful information about bars, markets, clubs, festivals, designer shops, galleries and more. Select from the list of the cities the one you are curious about and immediately get an access to the cultural program with all sorts of entertainment. Now Friendly Cities answers to the question “Where to go?” instead of you.

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Among other great things, this cool app contains a very good and handy map of the city. You can also use filters and select only those kinds of entertainment that fits your personal needs and interests. Nightlife, nature, shopping and historical sites… Friendly Cities will find literally everything for you!

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Plan your route with Friendly Cities! All recommendations are original and unique. For each city at least 5 ideas for your unforgettable journey are available. Just right from the app you can get in touch with restaurants or bars by making a direct call or visiting their Web site.

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Friendly Cities has bright and fun interactive interface and easy navigation. There is nothing superfluous in the menu. Vivid photos and information will not leave anyone indifferent and certainly will get you interested. List of cities is constantly updated, so look out and don’t miss another update!


  • Free
  • Original
  • Fun to use


  • In-App Purchases
  • Only for iOS
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4 out of 5

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