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The touristic service V otpusk! Is an ideal decision for those who are bored with staffing their smartphones with numerous apps for booking. The new project of one of the most well-known Russian tour operators suggests you to plan the rest from beginning till end literally for a few minutes.

The main task of the service is help in making individual tours. It includes: booking of air tickets, hotel rooms (the app database contains averagely 120 000 hotels – not less than in special-purpose sites, transfers, excursions and also visa support.
Though, most of these functions are still being developed and only hotel booking is fully functioning.

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The app interface is simple and nice. Choose a country, city, dates, hotel category and in few seconds get a list of all accessible hotels with prices. Generally, if you happened to use booking systems, you are sure to clarify yourselves with the new service by DSBW Tours Group.

For those who follows the rule “I pay, you think for me” and also for lovers of “all inclusive” there will be the function of booking ready tours in future. Choose a country, type of rest and wait for ready documents. Here the app creators prepared one more pleasant surprise. The capital residents and other big cities can hire a courier who will carry all necessary documents to office or house literally on the same day.

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Advantages: :

  • simple and convenient search;
  • user-friendly interface.


  • on this stage most of declared functions are being developed;
  • only for iPhone.

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Operating system:



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3 out of 5

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