Petersburg in Your Hand — the smart guide to St.Petersburg


You’ve decided to visit the northern capital of Russia. And now you have so many questions and doubts: where to go first? what sights pay attention to? where to taste traditional Russian cuisine? And if you are traveling with children, what places are the most suitable for your family?

These and many other problems you can easily solve with the help of Petersburg in Your Hand – one of the most informative St. Petersburg guides at the moment. (more…)

Exciting trips with Gogobot


What can inspire you for a trip to another country? Brights guidebooks, favourite books, trip programs, Internet advertisements. But more often we get a strong desire to get to a definite place after hearing rave reviews from friends who brightly describe the visited cities and provide their stories with colorful photo and video materials. So, how to resist temptation to run to the wardrobe and start packing things (more…)

Personal guide Afisha-Mir


The Afisha-Mir app is a real discovery for experienced travelers and tourism lovers.
In this app you will always be able to dig out interesting and useful information about various sights of this or that country or city and also recommend to visit some place in the city to other app users. The program will inquire your location, after this you will be able to get verified info: what interesting places to visit, what sights to see, where to have a snack etc. (more…)

The world at a glance with Triposo


The Triposo app will become your truthful aider if you arrive in an unknown city and wish to see local sights, go to a restaurant, cafe, park, museum etc, but have no idea how to start familiarization with the country.
The Triposo app will not only offer info about the sights, but also give you recommendations where better to go, apart from this the service takes into account time, weather conditions etc. The program will scan all accessible websites, process the received information to render a route which will suit you. (more…)

The tastiest is near with Foodspotting


Foodspotting is an interesting social app which will help find a good cafe, bar, canteen or restaurant nearby. This service is an analogue of Foursquare, but it specializes exclusively in search of facilities with food and beverages.
But the Foodspotting app in no case imposes any restaurants or facilities. All reviews, photos and commentaries are made by active facility visitors which share worthy places with other people (more…)

Comfortable rest with HomeAway


If you plan your vacation and search for a source which would help you rent accommodations to live in during the rest, then the HomeAway app will suit you perfectly.

The HomeAway company acts as an intermediary between property owners and real estate managers and travelers who search for convenient accommodation with suitable price for a rest time to be a worthy substitute for hotels. (more…)

Travel to the capital of France with Fotopedia Paris


You always wanted to visit Paris, you heard a lot about “the city of lights”, but for some reason you still put off a visit to the capital of France? Or , maybe, you just want to dip into nostalgia after a recent trip? Then the app Fotopedia Paris is meant for you! (more…)

Meet new people in trips with SideCar Ride


Have a car with vacant seats? Like free communication and new acquaintances? Or you need to get somewhere but do not havе a vehicle? Then you should familiarize with SideCar Ride app.

The service gives you an unusual opportunity – to get acquainted with new people right during trips by car (in America, to say, this system is highly popular). (more…)

Book hotels quickly and easily with Priceline


Priceline is one of the biggest booking systems not only in USA, but also in other parts of the world. Priceline has been existing since 1998 and has many subsidiary companies via which you can find and book hotels, air tickets and rent cars in all the world.
The company is aimed firstly at American trip market and very often offers hotel rooms by very advantageous prices. (more…)

Travel easily with Expedia Hotels & Flights


Expedia Hotels & Flights is a useful app for those who go abroad. Thanks to this service you can easily find a hotel, plane or a transfer car.

If you appreciate comfortable rest, the Expedia Hotels & Flights app will become a good aider in world of trips for you! (more…)

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