Hotel Tonight: when you need a room here and now


Hotel Tonight is an app which will help you find a place or a shelter in more than 75 cities of the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe in shortest terms. Furthermore, with the help of this seemingly simple program you can significantly reduce your costs and rent a luxury hotel room for rather a reasonable price.
The main difference of Hotel Tonight from other apps for hotel booking (, is stake on urgency.

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So, you will not be able to book a hotel at least a week before vacation. And if you need to find a room right here and now – this will be the best program.

The work with the app will start with registration (manual or through Facebook). Then Hotel Tonight will offer you a list of all cities available (localities lacking advantageous offers are marked with grey color). Choose the necessary city and get a list of hotels. All hotels are divided into 5 categories: Basic (standard hotels, 3*), Hip (hostels, youth hotels) and Elegant (spa & wellness hotels, 4*), Solid (hotels in the city centre, 3* and 4*), Luxe (4* and 5* hotels), Charming (B&B hotels or private apartments).

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As soon as you are through with your choice, go to the hotel “personal page”. And here we’d like to remark the bright and modern app design. So, in the tablet PC version the popular Metro interface is used instead of customary menu.
You can book the room you like right in the app. Discounts may apply for several nights running (5 nights maximum).

And if there are advantageous offers for the necessary city, it is not a problem. Set the notification system, and as soon as new hotels appear, Hotel Tonight will helpfully report you about it.

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  • modern design;
  • fast and convenient search;
  • notification function.


  • not a big base of cities.

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Operating system:



DealBase Corporation

Android, iOS


5 out of 5

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