CamTranslator Pro – your interactive translator


Imagine, that you see unknown text which is difficult to understand, long and inconvenient to input it, here CamTranslator Pro comes to your aid.

It is an app which will make your stay abroad easier, understand your interlocutor correctly, say everything you want to and also easily translate a text you are interested in. You just need your mobile gadget camera for it.

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The app offers three variants of translation:

  • with the help of a camera: make a photo of printed or hand-written text, highlight a fragment of translation and in few seconds get the translated part of a document;
  • with the help of a video camera: make a photo of the text to translate and translation will be made in a moment;
  • manually: you will like this variant if you need to send an SMS message to your interlocutor.

Just input a phrase and the app will translate it into the necessary language.

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It supports more than 10 languages: Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Portugal, German, Lettish, Swedish, Dutch, Hungarian etc. Can not find the necessary language? You can download it for $2.1 and continue translating.

Fragments of text material can be copied into clipboard, you just need to press a button. The program also allows to copy or insert these fragments, and many often use this function.

To sum up, we have rather a good translator which will become a indispensable aider in many life situations requiring knowledge of a foreign language.

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  • usability;
  • possibility to send translation as SMS.


  • small language base;
  • only for iOS.

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Operating system:



Dennis Kragek



4 out of 5

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