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Several years ago you could hardly imagine you would be able to use wireless Internet. But progress has been made and in almost all public facilities there are points of wireless connection to Internet and in modern gadgets there are integrated Wi-Fi modules.You just need to find a wireless Internet point with the help of Free Wi-Fi Map application.
The principal of work of Free Wi-Fi Map is quite simple: it analyzes data of the known to many Foursquare service and chooses data about Internet connection. As a result, we have a convenient instrument for searching Wi-Fi points.

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Many restaurants, cinemas, clubs, shops, office buildings and other facilities offer possibility to use wireless Internet to their visitors. But sometimes these points are protected with a password. So what to do in this case? Start the app and it will not only find Internet, but also report you the access code.

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You can see accessible Wi-Fi points on a map and also in a corresponding window which will report you about how far from you this or that facilities is. Press a facility you are interested in, get info with its address and data about access to Internet. This function will be especially useful for travelers not knowing where to find an open Wi-Fi Internet access point.

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  • quick search of free Wi-Fi points;
  • usability;
  • ability to work off-line.


  • displays not all free access points;
  • only for iOS.

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4 out of 5

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