Your best guide Vokrug Sveta


Would like to go on an excursion, get to know something new, exciting, but ordinary excursions seem boring and guide’s stories not at all interesting? Then you should certainly use GPS-guide “Vokrug Sveta”.

This is a unique app for you mobile gadget. This program allows to download and make special walks which contain info about a chosen part of a city or a car route. (more…)

Personal guide Afisha-Mir


The Afisha-Mir app is a real discovery for experienced travelers and tourism lovers.
In this app you will always be able to dig out interesting and useful information about various sights of this or that country or city and also recommend to visit some place in the city to other app users. The program will inquire your location, after this you will be able to get verified info: what interesting places to visit, what sights to see, where to have a snack etc. (more…)

The world at a glance with Triposo


The Triposo app will become your truthful aider if you arrive in an unknown city and wish to see local sights, go to a restaurant, cafe, park, museum etc, but have no idea how to start familiarization with the country.
The Triposo app will not only offer info about the sights, but also give you recommendations where better to go, apart from this the service takes into account time, weather conditions etc. The program will scan all accessible websites, process the received information to render a route which will suit you. (more…)

Vienna Travel: the city & great day trips – Vienna from «А» to «Z»


Plan a trip through Vienna, but do not know what to see first? Would like to appraise the well-known sights of the country, but have doubts what better to choose?

The multifunctional, convenient and very informative virtual guide through Vienna – Vienna Travel: the city & great day trips is at your service. It will be useful both for travelers which plan independent trips and beginners. You just launch the app and start an exciting trip through the Austrian capital. (more…)

Travel to the capital of France with Fotopedia Paris


You always wanted to visit Paris, you heard a lot about “the city of lights”, but for some reason you still put off a visit to the capital of France? Or , maybe, you just want to dip into nostalgia after a recent trip? Then the app Fotopedia Paris is meant for you! (more…)

OffMaps 2 Lite – your pocket guide


OffMaps 2 Lite will become a true companion for those who do not imagine their life without trips, who like to discover new places.

The lists with all sights with photos and info in English will be available to you. You will be surprised with amount of useful information! It is an app which definitely deserves room in every traveler’s mobile gadget! (more…)

Make a visual trip with Cool Cities


Want an abroad trip to be not only pleasant, but also terrific?
The Cool Cities app for iPhone is at your service. This series contains checked data about the best facilities from Rome to New York. All articles have bright photos of high quality which sometimes can say more, than any words. You just need to choose the necessary city and make an exciting journey through the best parks, clubs, shops and museums of various cities. (more…)

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