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CouchSurfing is some kind of social net for travelers from all the world. The main task of the app is to give travelers an opportunity to stay with local people, familiarize with their culture, customs, see sights, visit various facilities (cafes, bars, cinemas, shops, etc.)
CouchSurfing is a way of life. If you like independent travels, do not imagine your life without communication and ready to sleep both in a comfortable bed and a small sleeping bag, the CouchSurfing app will become a real finding for you. Discover the world with new friends and impressions!

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Alone in a little known city? May be there is a person near to you who would like to communicate and make an interesting excursion through the native city? Know English perfectly and want to practice it, but there is no one to communicate with? Or, may be, just want more new acquaintances and nice communication? This app is made to help people find each other and not to get into troubles.

Have a vacant room in your house? You can see who is staying in your city and invite them to your place. If you plan to go to another city, you can seek who would be glad to receive you as a guest and try to get an invitation.

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There is convenient search by region and other important parameters in the app. In search results there is much useful info about participants: the language a persons speaks, interests, education, hobbies, life position, favorite films, books, music, etc. You can also see other people’s lists, leave and receive recommendations, comments and reviews about a guest or a host. All this gives an opportunity to learn a person well before you communicate with him in real life.

It is important to know, that communication in CouchSurfing is in English, so you need to know at least its basics.

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  • user-friendly interface;
  • translation into main languages.

Disadvantages: not found.

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CouchSurfing Inc.

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5 out of 5

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