All you need to visit is next to you with FamousNearBy


What should you do when you arrive in a new city? Where to go first? What famous landmarks should you make the points to see?
Of course, you can prepare for the trip in advance and spend a few days searching for the required information in Internet and carefully studying various travel guides (which are often outdated and useless). Are you comfortable with this strategy? I don’t think so. But you can go the other, modern and more tourist-friendly way – download to your gadget application FamousNearBy.

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The first thing I’d like to note about the app is its nice interface design. Soothing colors and beautiful fonts delight the eye and make the process using the service an enjoyable experience. But if the developers have added some beautiful photos of the cities, the app would only benefit from this.

Your acquaintance with FamousNearBy begins with the standard procedure: the application requests permission to determine your location, then provides a list of all famous landmarks, monuments, restaurants, malls, etc. So, nothing new.

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One of the most significant disadvantages of FamousNearBy is the lack of filters. For example, you are tired of sightseeing, hungry and want to grab a bite as soon as possible. But FamousNearBy gives you a long list of EVERYTHING that is nearby. Not very convenient, isn’t it?

In general, if you are not confused about all these “small” disadvantages, feel free downloading FamousNearBy to your device. And if you are a novice user, the app fits you perfectly.

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  • nice interface design;
  • usability.


  • lack of photos;
  • lack of filters;
  • only for iOS.

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3 out of 5

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