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What can inspire you for a trip to another country? Brights guidebooks, favourite books, trip programs, Internet advertisements. But more often we get a strong desire to get to a definite place after hearing rave reviews from friends who brightly describe the visited cities and provide their stories with colorful photo and video materials. So, how to resist temptation to run to the wardrobe and start packing things

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Here Gogobot comes to your aid. So what is this service? Gogobot is some kind of a social net for travelers where you can read reviews about many countries and various facilities, all descriptions are provided with attractive photos which will leave no one indifferent.

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The work with the program starts with registration: you can enter Gogobot using your Facebook or Twitter account, or just go through the common procedure of registration right in the app, specifying your e-mail.

After registration you can add the country you wish to visit in plans and be offered to follow tourists who have already been in that country. This function is very convenient, for you get necessary reviews, recommendations and photos of wonderful sceneries. You will also be offered various ratings of experts in all criteria.

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Don’t miss the chance to go to the country of your dreams and derive new impressions which you will be able to share not only with your friends, but also all users of the Gogobot app.


  • usability;
  • truthful reviews;
  • interesting recommendations.

Disadvantages: not found.

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Android, iOS


5 out of 5

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