Meet new people in trips with SideCar Ride


Have a car with vacant seats? Like free communication and new acquaintances? Or you need to get somewhere but do not havе a vehicle? Then you should familiarize with SideCar Ride app.

The service gives you an unusual opportunity – to get acquainted with new people right during trips by car (in America, to say, this system is highly popular).

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With the help of this app it will not be at all difficult to find a fellow traveler. Such trips have some significant advantages: firstly, it effects transport functioning, secondly, you save money on parking and toll roads and thirdly, quicker movement on allotted road lines – CarPool.

The service works mainly in such cities as San-Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston etc., but is actively developing, that is why its city base is on the increase.

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Apart from this, the service engages for checking every driver before taking fellow travelers. There is rating system in the service contributing to gathering info about each driver and helping passengers make decisions in trips, it is very convenient and practical.

If you plan to go through USA or live there, try the new service!

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  • user-friendly interface;
  • opportunity to find fellow travelers or take someone with you.


  • the service is available only in the USA;
  • check-in is required.

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Operating system:




Android, iOS


3 out of 5

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