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Many people started to subscribe to numerous mailing lists and monitor air transportation sites with enviable regularity having learned about the possibility to get air tickets for quite reasonable (and sometimes ridiculous) price.

But independent travel lovers’ enthusiasm rather quickly changed into disappointment: it took hours to find a ticket for the desired direction and their mailbox rather quickly became a dumping ground of unread letters from air companies.

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It is quite different when you have a comfortable search system at hand, which will compare millions of flight routes in few seconds and turn a routine search into entertainment. The Skyscanner application is what became such a “Jack at a pinch”.

Literally in a few seconds this clear and simple in use search system will solve the following tasks:

  • find the cheapest air ticket for a concrete date (a departure/ arrival airport – as you choose);
  • offer a list of the most advantageous offers for a chosen period (a week, month or even a year);
  • help you choose a flight without transfers or with minimal amount of them;
  • offer a list of the most advantageous directions taking into account your location.
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Skyscanner will carefully sort the derived results by departure/ arrival time, flight duration, air company and price, of course. Thereat, a user can choose the wanted currency.

Developers also did not forget about the possibility of on-line reservation: Skyscanner will helpfully redirect you to the air company site when the chosen flight route is pressed.

And finally the main thing: you can download Skyscanner on your smartphone absolutely for free. It is really an application for those who know how to make advantageous purchases.


  • user-friendly interface;
  • easy search;
  • on-line reservation.

Disadvantages: not found.

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Operation system:



Android, iOS


5 out of 5

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