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Flights from one country to another can be very exhausting, it is especially difficult to get used to jetlag, the necessary rhythm, try to make your daily routine so that you do not spend all day in a bed, to have strength for walks, sightseeing, etc.

Following these simple rules, you will forget about such an unpleasant phenomenon as “time zone change syndrome” and will be able to enjoy wonderful holidays.

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So how is it better to plan your day not to feel weary and broken? StopJetLag app is at your service. Just choose a country you are going to visit and be offered a schedule with various useful recommendations how to adapt to times zones: time of meal, sleeping, physical trainings, sunbathing, etc. If necessary, you can always correct the schedule.

If you are not connected to Internet, all the same you can get notifications from the app to your mobile gadget.

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Still have doubts in StopJetLag profits? Just read tourists’ reviews who used this app and saved strength and health.

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  • user-friendly interface;
  • usability.

Disadvantages: not found.

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Android, iOS


5 out of 5

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