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Imagine such a situation: during one of enjoyable long walks you got dirty with food, sat on a dirty bench in a park, drank a lot of liquid etc. Where to go to clean yourself quickly if most of toilets are chargeable or you do not see the “WC” sign nearby?

And it is not very convenient to ask passers-by about toilets location. But with the ToiletFinder service it be become so easy to solve this delicate problem.

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Just launch the app on your mobile gadget, the program will request access to your location definition and give a list of free public toilets located nearby. The base contains info about more than 30.000 objects around the world and is regularly replenished thanks to the app users: any visitor has the possibility of adding information about either working toilets or closed ones and also about those, which were put into operation lately.

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Do not forget to rate public toilets (you need to press necessary number of stars) and leave reviews, so that other users have an opportunity to choose a comfortable lavatory from all existing variety.
Use the ToiletFinder app right now, not to let small everyday problems spoil your rest.

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  • usability;
  • opportunity to add public lavatories into the base.


  • only for iOS;
  • pop-up ads.
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Operating system:






4 out of 5

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