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Language barrier can become an insuperable obstacle on the way of any traveller. For not everybody has inclination for studying foreign languages and even knowledge of English can be absolutely useless sometimes. For this case there is Translator with Speech – an application which will not only translate any phrase into the necessary language, but also sound it.

Translator with Speech supports 54 languages among which there are traditional European (English, German, French, Russian) and Asiatic (Japanese, Chinese) languages, and really rare dialects (for instance, Gaelic).

Herewith, the application name accurately reflects the principal of its work: it is literally a voice interpreter. Choose languages needed (native one and the one you are going to translate from) and pronounce a phrase. In some seconds the program will give a variant in the chosen language.

It is to be remarked, that Translator with Speech voice recognition system works excellently, and it means, that quality of translations is rather high (by the standards of machine translators).

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An undeniable advantage of the application is supporting of non-Latin symbols translit.

One can save the dictated and translated text in order to use it in future. Besides, there is a facility of sending the text by e-mail or SMS.


  • high quality of translation;
  • possibility to save the dictated text;
  • supporting of traslit.


  • a small list of languages supported.

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Operating system:



Proxy Systems Pvt Ltd

Android, iOS


4 out of 5

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