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We Map for Google Maps is a convenient service offering a simple for users technology of search on maps and data about companies (address, contacts, thoroughfares etc).
We Map for Google Maps let you see maps of countries around the world with different definition level. With such convenient service you will always find necessary address, won’t be late for a meeting or get lost!

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The We Map for Google Maps app has a number of useful functions:

  • search of company addresses their contact info at one place on a map;
  • browsing satellite pictures of a chosen location with opportunity of scale changing and movement in any direction;
  • browsing and navigation in pictures of necessary streets;
  • maps of landscapes with pictures of green lawns, mountains, etc;
  • zooming-in or zooming-out on maps with the help of double click on a mobile gadget screen;
  • detailed thoroughfares: enter the necessary address, the app will show you optimal plan of a trip.
  • change the route, add extra destination points;
  • draw maps to see momentarily necessary parts of streets.
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Besides, you can search for additional info: working hours, payment rates, reviews of the company, etc.

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  • convenient map overview mode;
  • maps of high definition;
  • user-friendly interface.


  • only for iOS.

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Operating system:



Rage Box



4 out of 5

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