Wifi Map – all wi-fi passwords in your pocket

With the invention of wi-fi the life of active Internet users became so much easier. Now everyone who has any mobile device with wi-fi can enjoy world-wide network all around the world Almost all cafes, cinemas, clubs and even medical establishments and public transport have the access to wi-fi.

But how do we know about the required password? This is why the WiFi Map app was created. It contains all the passwords to all the wi-fi all around the globe. WiFi Map is possibly the most handy and the easiest app to use. Minimalistic design and easy menu, absence of useless functions let you get an access to any wifi password without any problem. Anytime you open WiFi Map it automatically defines your geographic position and gives you the list of the nearest wi-fi spots. You just choose the one you find best for you. Easy, isn’t it?

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And if you need to find the password for wi-fi somewhere in another city, you search for the city you need and the app will give you the map and the list of the wi-fi spots. Share the found results with anyone immediately sending to them by email or i-message.

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You can also add the passwords by yourself by using your Facebook account. Perhaps some of you already wants to ask if we can trust the given password? You can find it out if look at the “likes” for the password. If the password is correct, you can easily trust it.

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WiFi Map is the most well-known among similar apps, it shows absolutely all wi-fi spots and has the highest rate among the users.WiFi Map Pro will be useful for everyone who prefers not to spend their money on internet traffic.


  • enjoyable design and nice interface
  • easy to use
  • you can add passwords yourself
  • free
  • multilingual


  • works only on iOS
  • doesn’t save the search story
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Operating system:






5 out of 5

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