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Off-line maps MapsWithMe is an application which will always show you the way, even if you are far from civilization and can only dream of access to Internet.

Launch the program, download the atlas needed, choose the necessary country, download a map. You can use the maps in any time, without mobile connection and not thinking about prices for roaming.

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Thereat, there are all countries of the world in the program database, that is why you will easily find the necessary restaurant or a shop even in the most distant corners of the planet. The app starts in several seconds and works very fast. As developers say, this is thanks to a special method of data compression. By the same reason MapsWithMe takes little phone memory space. And the program defines a user’s location with the help of GPS.

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Besides, there is information in the app about cafes and restaurants, hotels, main sights, cinemas and even public restrooms. Search on a map is made in the following categories: “Food”, “Shops”, “Sights”, “Bank” etc. Those who used to orient themselves, will be interested in the “Near Me” filter, it will choose the nearest to them points of interest. And all is easy: choose the necessary object from the list and pins will momentarily appear on the map.

You can bookmark important by some reasons places. And if there are too many of them, you can categorize them. Summing up, we have a convenient and quick app which will become an indispensible aider in an unknown city.

The app is regularly updated, and it means, that MapsWithMe Lite will be your reliable guide in all trips.


  • maps load very fast;
  • accurate location identification;
  • takes little memory space.

Disadvantages: not found.

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MapsWithMe GmbH

Android, iOS


5 out of 5.

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