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Good rest is thoroughly planned rest. The new TripIt application will save all necessary data and remind you to confirm the booking hotel rooms or register for a flight in the right moment. And for those who travel on duty the application will become an invaluable aider.

Specify the place and date of the trip and get a form with the help of which you can make rather a detailed plan of your business trip or vacation.

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Herewith filling in the data is very fast and easy. If you go by air, you just need to enter the name of the air company and flight number, the program will add other data (arrival/ departure time, airports) automatically. Furthermore, the application will regularly update the data concerning your flight, give you advice how to choose the place in saloon and inform you about the registration opening.

If you need, the program will show you an optimal way from/ to airport to the destination point, counting distance and expected travel time.

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Then enter the data about the booked hotel: address, phone number, time of registration. Besides, the service lets add business meetings and various entertaining events (with a list of participants, accurate date, time and place), articles, notes and many other things.
As a result you get a detailed plan of a trip which can be controlled right from your mobile gadget.

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  • convenient filling form;
  • getting info in real time.


  • filling forms are to be filled on the developers’ site.

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TripIt Inc.

Android, iOS


5 out of 5

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