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Taxi is one of the most useful inventions of humankind. Afraid, that metro will close and you will not be able to get home? Taxi is always at your service.

One could call this kind of transport ideal, but there is one snag to it – necessity to reach a dispatcher. Sometimes it is very inconvenient, for one can not always reach taxi service. So what to do, if you need to go somewhere quicker? Use the TaxiFon application.

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Residents of St. Petersburg and Moscow have been able to use dozen of such apps, varying in convenience and adequacy for more than a year (the developers plan to cover 20 more Russian cities till the end of summer).

The TaxiFon app automatically defines your location at start. If you move in the city and see, that in the moment when taxi comes you will find yourself at other place, you can correct your address in the “regions” field by pressing the text.

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Then you will see the “near” point. After pressing it you will see a list of reference points for drivers (cafes, restaurants, clubs, etc.) located nearby. When you choose the necessary departure point from the list, its address momentarily appears in address field.

A big advantage of the app is the fact, that you do not need to enter your home address (or the address where you go often) manually. By pressing a “star”, you immediately enter “bookmarks” field, where you can assign a destination point on the city map. The app also stores your last addresses.

Carry a luggage or animals? Have special requests concerning car comfort level? See the “options” point where there are the most common additions to orders. You just need to choose necessary.

The reservation is made without dispatcher callback. You only get a notification from the app. All signals can be set.

The trip is finished? Was the driver polite? Or was he rude and did not find the change? Rate the trip to make a rating of the taxi service. By doing so you improve city taxi parks work quality.

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  • convenient search
  • possibility to share the appstore link with friends via Twitter, Vkontakte and Facebook;
  • minimalistic, user-friendly interface.


  • the app is not available outside CIS countries;
  • the app covers only Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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4 out of 5

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