Augmented reality with Wikitude


Wikitude is a convenient program demonstrating augmented reality (info about objects surrounding a user, which can not be seen with naked eye). The app works when your mobile gadget is connected to Internet and GPS.

What to do next? You need to direct your gadget camera or “show” the place where you are to the app, on the gadget screen there will appear notes in small figures which will report you about objects location

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For example, to the left from the user there is a shop where sales begin, and to the right – a cinema with new films running.

Rate opportunities of search function (to say, the app gets info from 250 000 various sources): enter an object you want to find (e.g. a cafe) and the program will show you where to go.

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What other useful functions are there in the app?

  • Futures: the section is constantly updated, that is why you will always see only the newest and most interesting;
  • Categories: search of other Worlds is available in a new list;
  • Favourites: opportunity to organize your own Worlds depending on your preferences and tastes.

These three sections are accessible when thumbing through display to the right/ left. New Wikitude has already been supported by Yelp, and TripAdvisor.

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  • opportunity to see your friends’ favourite places;
  • usability;
  • search of articles in Wikipedia.


  • pop-up advertisement.

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Operating system:



Wikitude GmbH

Android, iOS


4 out of 5

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