Meet and communicate with CouchSurfing


CouchSurfing is some kind of social net for travelers from all the world. The main task of the app is to give travelers an opportunity to stay with local people, familiarize with their culture, customs, see sights, visit various facilities (cafes, bars, cinemas, shops, etc.)
CouchSurfing is a way of life. If you like independent travels, do not imagine your life without communication and ready to sleep both in a comfortable bed and a small sleeping bag, the CouchSurfing app will become a real finding for you. Discover the world with new friends and impressions! (more…)

Tourist Eye – plan an exciting trip


Want to go on an independent journey through Europe or exotic countries? Surely, such trip will strikingly differ from organized tours, for you manage time, choose places to visit yourself. But on the other hand, it can be a bit difficult to plan competently excursion program in order to see and learn more and not to get lost. The special Tourist Eye app will help you cope with this task and be you personal guide. (more…)

A trip of your dream with TripAdvisor


Start thinking about where better to spend vacation, but do not know what to start with? In this case the TripAdvisor app is what you really need.
TripAdvisor is a biggest world app for tourists which will help you start planning vacation of your dreams without leaving your house! What resort to choose? What hotel is better to stay in? And where to get tickets? Numerous reviews of tourists from different corners of the world will help you find answers to these and many other important questions. (more…)

KAYAK: plan your trip from beginning till end


The popular KAYAK touristic service is a real discovery for those who go on an independent journey for the first time. One can plan any trip from beginning till end with its help, whether it is vacation in tropical countries or a business trip.

Any trip begins with searching and booking air tickets. And KAYAK copes with this task excellently. (more…)

GateGuru, or how not to get lost in an airport and spend time with pleasure


An airport becomes our second home from the moment of registration till a landing announcement. GateGuru – an easy and simple geolocator searching for cafes and shops in 120 world airports – will help you make these hours (even days, in worst cases) of staying in a terminal maximally comfortable.

The app has the unofficial name of Yelp for airports. We must admit, they have much in common. (more…)

Follow your plan with TripIt


Good rest is thoroughly planned rest. The new TripIt application will save all necessary data and remind you to confirm the booking hotel rooms or register for a flight in the right moment. And for those who travel on duty the application will become an invaluable aider.

Specify the place and date of the trip and get a form with the help of which you can make rather a detailed plan of your business trip or vacation. (more…)

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