Translator with Speech: translate and speak fluently!


Language barrier can become an insuperable obstacle on the way of any traveller. For not everybody has inclination for studying foreign languages and even knowledge of English can be absolutely useless sometimes. For this case there is Translator with Speech – an application which will not only translate any phrase into the necessary language, but also sound it. (more…)

On board with FlightBoard


FlightBoard is an application for those who have to go by air a lot by some reason. For a few seconds the program will make your mobile gadget an on-line table of any airport of the world. The data come in actual time and get updated every 5 minutes, and it means you will definitely learn about all changes. (more…), or how to find a hotel of your dream


Every traveller knows that one should choose a hotel attentively. And here comes – an application with the help of which one can find and book a hotel practically in any corner of the world.
Choose a locality, arrival/ departure date and amount of guests. Press the “Search” button and get a list of all available hotels for the chosen date in few seconds. You can sort the results by rating, price (choosing currency first), name or popularity which is formed by users’ opinions. Every hotel in the list has a short description, a photo and a mark on the city map (on the left from the list). (more…)

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