Enliven your trips with Tellmewhere


Used to live actively, positively and brightly? Like to discover new places with your friends and share impressions? Do not imagine your life without trips?
is your personal guide in colorful world of entertainment!

At first you need to decide where you want to go.Then choose the necessary category from the list and the app will present detailed info about the facility. (more…)

XE Currency – the best currency converter


XE Currency is a very convenient and absolutely free currency converter. The app will suit perfectly those who go on a trip or keep their savings in currency. Interested in world trends in currency markets? Then download XE Currency on your mobile gadget! You can easily use the converter off-line, because all foreign exchange rates info received at the time of the last Internet connection remains in the app memory. (more…)

Make a visual trip with Cool Cities


Want an abroad trip to be not only pleasant, but also terrific?
The Cool Cities app for iPhone is at your service. This series contains checked data about the best facilities from Rome to New York. All articles have bright photos of high quality which sometimes can say more, than any words. You just need to choose the necessary city and make an exciting journey through the best parks, clubs, shops and museums of various cities. (more…)

Valuable rest with Healix Travel Vaccinations


Trip is always rather a troublesome and partly risky affair. Tourists face numerous big and small obstacles on their way: mistakes in tickets, forgotten things, street robbers, difference in currencies, cultures, prices, unexpected expenses. Person has to be at least healthy to go through this obstacle course and not to fall ill during the trip itself in order not to find himself helpless in a foreign country and spend the rest of vacation in hospital. Healix Travel Vaccinations is an indispensable app for those who want to be sure, that no virus or microbe will take them unawares. Enjoy full rest, for which you worked for so long. (more…)

Tourist Eye – plan an exciting trip


Want to go on an independent journey through Europe or exotic countries? Surely, such trip will strikingly differ from organized tours, for you manage time, choose places to visit yourself. But on the other hand, it can be a bit difficult to plan competently excursion program in order to see and learn more and not to get lost. The special Tourist Eye app will help you cope with this task and be you personal guide. (more…)

Augmented reality with Wikitude


Wikitude is a convenient program demonstrating augmented reality (info about objects surrounding a user, which can not be seen with naked eye). The app works when your mobile gadget is connected to Internet and GPS.

What to do next? You need to direct your gadget camera or “show” the place where you are to the app, on the gadget screen there will appear notes in small figures which will report you about objects location (more…)

TaxiFon – taxi with comfort


Taxi is one of the most useful inventions of humankind. Afraid, that metro will close and you will not be able to get home? Taxi is always at your service.

One could call this kind of transport ideal, but there is one snag to it – necessity to reach a dispatcher. Sometimes it is very inconvenient, for one can not always reach taxi service. So what to do, if you need to go somewhere quicker? Use the TaxiFon application. (more…)

Refuel easily with Gas’n'Go


Go on a business trip by car? Want to refuel not only quickly, but also cheap, but do not know where the nearest gas station is? Do not want to overpay for petrol? Then the Gas’n'Go app will suit you perfectly (also works off-line). Refuel not only quickly, but also profitably!
So how does it work? Start the app, enter name of the state where you are or where you are going in search line, and the state map will show you several nearest gas stations, you just need to choose the one that will suit you by location or price. (more…)

Flight+ – Airports are nearer, than you thought


An “air” app for those who have to go by air a lot. You can use the following insets: flights, airports, airlines, maps, settings. The program which has similar functions is FlightBoard. The service can track the necessary flight in real time mode. You will also be reported about any flight delay.This information will be useful both for passengers and people who meet them.
How to start working with Flight+? (more…)

A trip of your dream with TripAdvisor


Start thinking about where better to spend vacation, but do not know what to start with? In this case the TripAdvisor app is what you really need.
TripAdvisor is a biggest world app for tourists which will help you start planning vacation of your dreams without leaving your house! What resort to choose? What hotel is better to stay in? And where to get tickets? Numerous reviews of tourists from different corners of the world will help you find answers to these and many other important questions. (more…)

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