Travel to the capital of France with Fotopedia Paris


You always wanted to visit Paris, you heard a lot about “the city of lights”, but for some reason you still put off a visit to the capital of France? Or , maybe, you just want to dip into nostalgia after a recent trip? Then the app Fotopedia Paris is meant for you! (more…)

Only verified information with We Map for Google Maps


We Map for Google Maps is a convenient service offering a simple for users technology of search on maps and data about companies (address, contacts, thoroughfares etc).
We Map for Google Maps let you see maps of countries around the world with different definition level. With such convenient service you will always find necessary address, won’t be late for a meeting or get lost! (more…)

Convenient maps GoMap


The GoMap app allows its users to set their own point of any settlement on the map in any part of the world.
For example, you plan a meeting with colleagues or old friends, but fail to explain in words where the meeting is to take place. The GoMap app will make the task significantly easier!
But how to use this service? (more…)

Move in right direction with City Maps & Walks


Like walks when come to this or that city? Would like to plan an excursion from beginning till end and not to fail to see interesting sights without getting lost? Then City Maps & Walks will become your indispensible aider in planning trips and necessary routes.
It has maps of more than 400 cities with the help of which tourists will be able to make a plan of excursions quickly and easily, by choosing an alphabet letter and the necessary city. You do not have to have Internet connection, use the service offline and do not waste money on roaming. (more…)

Meet new people in trips with SideCar Ride


Have a car with vacant seats? Like free communication and new acquaintances? Or you need to get somewhere but do not havе a vehicle? Then you should familiarize with SideCar Ride app.

The service gives you an unusual opportunity – to get acquainted with new people right during trips by car (in America, to say, this system is highly popular). (more…)

Book hotels quickly and easily with Priceline


Priceline is one of the biggest booking systems not only in USA, but also in other parts of the world. Priceline has been existing since 1998 and has many subsidiary companies via which you can find and book hotels, air tickets and rent cars in all the world.
The company is aimed firstly at American trip market and very often offers hotel rooms by very advantageous prices. (more…)

Unlimited Internet with Free Wi-Fi Map


Several years ago you could hardly imagine you would be able to use wireless Internet. But progress has been made and in almost all public facilities there are points of wireless connection to Internet and in modern gadgets there are integrated Wi-Fi modules.You just need to find a wireless Internet point with the help of Free Wi-Fi Map application.
The principal of work of Free Wi-Fi Map is quite simple: it analyzes data of the known to many Foursquare service and chooses data about Internet connection. As a result, we have a convenient instrument for searching Wi-Fi points. (more…)

CamTranslator Pro – your interactive translator


Imagine, that you see unknown text which is difficult to understand, long and inconvenient to input it, here CamTranslator Pro comes to your aid.

It is an app which will make your stay abroad easier, understand your interlocutor correctly, say everything you want to and also easily translate a text you are interested in. You just need your mobile gadget camera for it. (more…)

Advantageous trips with Eviterra


Want to plan your vacation so, that you will not have to overpay for tickets? Or maybe you can not decide in what season of the year to make a trip to get lots of bright and unforgettable impressions? In this case the Eviterra app will suit you.

What does this service offer? And how to use it? The program offers expanded search of air tickets. (more…)

Travel easily with Expedia Hotels & Flights


Expedia Hotels & Flights is a useful app for those who go abroad. Thanks to this service you can easily find a hotel, plane or a transfer car.

If you appreciate comfortable rest, the Expedia Hotels & Flights app will become a good aider in world of trips for you! (more…)

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