Easy Internet access with Free Wi-Fi Finder


Those who do not imagine their life without Internet and want to keep in touch even in trips will appreciate the Free Wi-Fi Finder application. The program database includes almost 500 000 free Wi-Fi points in whole world and it means, that you won’t have to spend your precious time for searching of Internet connection.
The program can use your current location (then you’ll see the nearest points to you) as a starting point or a location your choose. (more…)

GateGuru, or how not to get lost in an airport and spend time with pleasure


An airport becomes our second home from the moment of registration till a landing announcement. GateGuru – an easy and simple geolocator searching for cafes and shops in 120 world airports – will help you make these hours (even days, in worst cases) of staying in a terminal maximally comfortable.

The app has the unofficial name of Yelp for airports. We must admit, they have much in common. (more…)

Only best plane seats with SeatGuru!


You think, that a 10-hour economy class flight can not be comfortable? Set the SeatGuru app on your smartphone and take only the most comfortable seats.

The application is a database of big world air companies with detailed information about exploited planes, saloon schemes and lists of extra services aboard. That is why as soon as you reserve tickets (we’ve yet written how to find advantageous offers from air companies), it is time to apply to SeatGuru for a piece of advice… (more…)

Follow your plan with TripIt


Good rest is thoroughly planned rest. The new TripIt application will save all necessary data and remind you to confirm the booking hotel rooms or register for a flight in the right moment. And for those who travel on duty the application will become an invaluable aider.

Specify the place and date of the trip and get a form with the help of which you can make rather a detailed plan of your business trip or vacation. (more…)

Maps With Me Lite – whole world in one app


Off-line maps MapsWithMe is an application which will always show you the way, even if you are far from civilization and can only dream of access to Internet.

Launch the program, download the atlas needed, choose the necessary country, download a map. You can use the maps in any time, without mobile connection and not thinking about prices for roaming. (more…)

Hotels.com – an ideal hotel for a couple of clicks


Hotels.com is an application which many tourists will certainly like. Is it not a dream of modern travellers which count every second – to find their ideal hotel and book a room literally for a couple of clicks?

Familiarization with the application begins with the user’s location identification. After that the program offers a list of all hotels located near with indication of distance and prices. (more…)

Yelp: how to find the tastiest coffee in any part of the world


Where do they sell the crispiest croissants? In what London pub do they pour the strongest ale? Which Rome restaurant is worth visiting to taste the tastiest paste not leaving all money there?

Yelp – a system of reviews and opinions of various people on Earth – knows answers to all these (and other) questions. (more…)

Pack things with uPackingList!


uPackingList – a true aider of a modern traveller – will help you pack things (and not to forget anything) and prepare for any trip.

Familiarization with the program starts with a greeting page on which there is advice how to use the application. Thereafter, when you get used to the work with uPackingList, this option can be disabled. (more…)

Scan the sky with Skyscanner!


Many people started to subscribe to numerous mailing lists and monitor air transportation sites with enviable regularity having learned about the possibility to get air tickets for quite reasonable (and sometimes ridiculous) price. (more…)

JetRadar: The easiest way to find the cheapest plane tickets


How much does it take you to find and book an air ticket? A couple of days? A week? Few hours? Not at all. Not longer than 5 minutes. If you don’t believe – set the application and start packing things. Specify search conditions: city, city of arrival, dates and amount of passengers, – and you’ll have rather a solid list of the most advantageous offers in few seconds (the application database is actually big – 728 air companies and almost 50 agencies). (more…)

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