StopJetLag – everything due to schedule


Flights from one country to another can be very exhausting, it is especially difficult to get used to jetlag, the necessary rhythm, try to make your daily routine so that you do not spend all day in a bed, to have strength for walks, sightseeing, etc.

Following these simple rules, you will forget about such an unpleasant phenomenon as “time zone change syndrome” and will be able to enjoy wonderful holidays. (more…)

Meet and communicate with CouchSurfing


CouchSurfing is some kind of social net for travelers from all the world. The main task of the app is to give travelers an opportunity to stay with local people, familiarize with their culture, customs, see sights, visit various facilities (cafes, bars, cinemas, shops, etc.)
CouchSurfing is a way of life. If you like independent travels, do not imagine your life without communication and ready to sleep both in a comfortable bed and a small sleeping bag, the CouchSurfing app will become a real finding for you. Discover the world with new friends and impressions! (more…)

XE Currency – the best currency converter


XE Currency is a very convenient and absolutely free currency converter. The app will suit perfectly those who go on a trip or keep their savings in currency. Interested in world trends in currency markets? Then download XE Currency on your mobile gadget! You can easily use the converter off-line, because all foreign exchange rates info received at the time of the last Internet connection remains in the app memory. (more…)

Valuable rest with Healix Travel Vaccinations


Trip is always rather a troublesome and partly risky affair. Tourists face numerous big and small obstacles on their way: mistakes in tickets, forgotten things, street robbers, difference in currencies, cultures, prices, unexpected expenses. Person has to be at least healthy to go through this obstacle course and not to fall ill during the trip itself in order not to find himself helpless in a foreign country and spend the rest of vacation in hospital. Healix Travel Vaccinations is an indispensable app for those who want to be sure, that no virus or microbe will take them unawares. Enjoy full rest, for which you worked for so long. (more…)

Augmented reality with Wikitude


Wikitude is a convenient program demonstrating augmented reality (info about objects surrounding a user, which can not be seen with naked eye). The app works when your mobile gadget is connected to Internet and GPS.

What to do next? You need to direct your gadget camera or “show” the place where you are to the app, on the gadget screen there will appear notes in small figures which will report you about objects location (more…)

Widen your outlook with Wikihood!


Wikihood is a very useful app for travelers of just for those who want to know much curious info about various countries without leaving home.
What is the way it works? Enter the necessary country in search line and learn many interesting things about it: facts you did not suspect (in this case the app will be useful for local residents too, for they can discover the things about their country they never thought of), detailed historical note, info about political order in the chosen country, articles about its cultural heritage. All descriptions have colorful photos, which will leave no one indifferent. (more…)

Only best plane seats with SeatGuru!


You think, that a 10-hour economy class flight can not be comfortable? Set the SeatGuru app on your smartphone and take only the most comfortable seats.

The application is a database of big world air companies with detailed information about exploited planes, saloon schemes and lists of extra services aboard. That is why as soon as you reserve tickets (we’ve yet written how to find advantageous offers from air companies), it is time to apply to SeatGuru for a piece of advice… (more…)

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