InstaPlace – make your photos truly unique

If you are an active Instagram user and also love to travel a lot and take photos of different places and curiosities, then you definitely need the mobile app called Instaplace! The whole set of beautiful decorations and letterings that you can use on your photos and videos will make even the most ordinary picture interesting and unique. Everyone is gonna be so jealous of your photos! (more…)

New York Museum Guide – choose your museum!

New York Museum Guide - icon
Plan your trip to the museums in New York City easily and with pleasure using New York Museum Guide! This unique mobile app has beautiful and clear interface and smart organization tools. It will help you not only learn about the well-known museums, but also their schedule, location on the map and entry fee. New York Museum Guide is an irreplaceable helper for every tourist in New York! (more…)

Wifi Map – all wi-fi passwords in your pocket

With the invention of wi-fi the life of active Internet users became so much easier. Now everyone who has any mobile device with wi-fi can enjoy world-wide network all around the world Almost all cafes, cinemas, clubs and even medical establishments and public transport have the access to wi-fi. (more…)

The most accurate weather forecast from Accuweather


Is it important for you to know weather forecast with high accuracy level? AccuWeather is one of the most popular apps for weather tracking. This service is the most accurate source of weather forecasting, from which many foreign mass media receive info. The AccuWeather app allows you to get a detailed weather forecast in any part of the world. Besides, you can track several places simultaneously and get information about hourly forecast, precipitation level, atmospheric pressure, wind direction and many other things. (more…)

Around — whatever happens near you


We live in the constantly evolving world where technology is developing rapidly, and more and more people prefer to get information through pictures or videos.

An iOS application Around, which functions are similar to Instagram and Foursquare, is an ideal aider for a modern man, who always wonders what is happening around. (more…)

Find My Friends will help you find each other


Would like to know where your friends and close people are when it’s necessary to arrange a party or a meeting? Or need to gather all familiar people at one place immediately? Then use the Find My Friends app by all means.

Find My Friends is a convenient social service with a stylish design which can easily find your close people, friends, colleagues, group mates, acquaintances etc. just with the help of a mobile gadget. (more…)

Significant economy with VAT Calculator HD


How many times did you face such a situation: arrived abroad, need to buy something, count the purchase price with VAT, but do not have a calculator at hand or do not know at all what VAT is in this or that country? Simple and convenient in use app Vat Calculator HD will come to your aid.

Lifebuoy ToiletFinder


Imagine such a situation: during one of enjoyable long walks you got dirty with food, sat on a dirty bench in a park, drank a lot of liquid etc. Where to go to clean yourself quickly if most of toilets are chargeable or you do not see the “WC” sign nearby?

And it is not very convenient to ask passers-by about toilets location. But with the ToiletFinder service it be become so easy to solve this delicate problem. (more…)

Meet new people in trips with SideCar Ride


Have a car with vacant seats? Like free communication and new acquaintances? Or you need to get somewhere but do not havе a vehicle? Then you should familiarize with SideCar Ride app.

The service gives you an unusual opportunity – to get acquainted with new people right during trips by car (in America, to say, this system is highly popular). (more…)

Evernote – the best app for notes storage


Evernote is a service made for writing and storing notes and synchronization with various devices on which this app is set. You can get access to notes through a web browser.
Evernote has great opportunities in creating various notes, classification, that makes it very convenient to store and use them. Necessary notes will always be at hand with Evernote. With this app it is easier to create and share thoughts! (more…)

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