Around — whatever happens near you


We live in the constantly evolving world where technology is developing rapidly, and more and more people prefer to get information through pictures or videos.

An iOS application Around, which functions are similar to Instagram and Foursquare, is an ideal aider for a modern man, who always wonders what is happening around. (more…)

Tripomatic — your best travel planner


What does summer mean to you? First of all, summer vacation is time for traveling. The most favorable time for new experiences. Thousands of people pack their backpacks and bags and set off on a exciting journeys through the cities and countries. But don’t forget that only a well-planned trip can bring fun, positive and unforgettable emotions. The app that will help you to manage this critical activity is called Tripomatic. And nowadays it’s one of the most promising travel services. (more…)

The Audioguide – an indispensible aider of a modern traveler


Go to some country by yourself and don’t imagine what you would like to see, but do not want to waste time on guides?
Use the convenient app for travelers (suits both experienced travelers and beginners) called the Audioguide. (more…)

Open up the curtain with Fotopedia North Korea


Modern travelers have a unique opportunity – to open up the “iron curtain” and see how life in the most closed world country – North Korea – runs.

Pay your thanks to the developers from Fotonauts Inc, for it were they who created Fotopedia North Korea – a truly unique source of info about this mysterious country. (more…)

Plan your trip with V otpusk


The touristic service V otpusk! Is an ideal decision for those who are bored with staffing their smartphones with numerous apps for booking. The new project of one of the most well-known Russian tour operators suggests you to plan the rest from beginning till end literally for a few minutes. (more…)

Petersburg in Your Hand — the smart guide to St.Petersburg


You’ve decided to visit the northern capital of Russia. And now you have so many questions and doubts: where to go first? what sights pay attention to? where to taste traditional Russian cuisine? And if you are traveling with children, what places are the most suitable for your family?

These and many other problems you can easily solve with the help of Petersburg in Your Hand – one of the most informative St. Petersburg guides at the moment. (more…)

Exciting trips with Gogobot


What can inspire you for a trip to another country? Brights guidebooks, favourite books, trip programs, Internet advertisements. But more often we get a strong desire to get to a definite place after hearing rave reviews from friends who brightly describe the visited cities and provide their stories with colorful photo and video materials. So, how to resist temptation to run to the wardrobe and start packing things (more…)

Your best guide Vokrug Sveta


Would like to go on an excursion, get to know something new, exciting, but ordinary excursions seem boring and guide’s stories not at all interesting? Then you should certainly use GPS-guide “Vokrug Sveta”.

This is a unique app for you mobile gadget. This program allows to download and make special walks which contain info about a chosen part of a city or a car route. (more…)

Personal guide Afisha-Mir


The Afisha-Mir app is a real discovery for experienced travelers and tourism lovers.
In this app you will always be able to dig out interesting and useful information about various sights of this or that country or city and also recommend to visit some place in the city to other app users. The program will inquire your location, after this you will be able to get verified info: what interesting places to visit, what sights to see, where to have a snack etc. (more…)

The world at a glance with Triposo


The Triposo app will become your truthful aider if you arrive in an unknown city and wish to see local sights, go to a restaurant, cafe, park, museum etc, but have no idea how to start familiarization with the country.
The Triposo app will not only offer info about the sights, but also give you recommendations where better to go, apart from this the service takes into account time, weather conditions etc. The program will scan all accessible websites, process the received information to render a route which will suit you. (more…)

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