OffMaps 2 Lite – your pocket guide


OffMaps 2 Lite will become a true companion for those who do not imagine their life without trips, who like to discover new places.

The lists with all sights with photos and info in English will be available to you. You will be surprised with amount of useful information! It is an app which definitely deserves room in every traveler’s mobile gadget! (more…)

Cars for rent with Europcar


Have long dreamt of making a car trip, but do not have a private vehicle? Or it broke and you need to go somewhere right in the moment but do not have time to call a taxi? Or, maybe, you do not like walks and prefer to see sights and enjoy fast driving simultaneously?
These problems can be easily solved with Europcar! Prepare to say goodbye to daily routine and be ready to hit the road! (more…)

Search for a hotel with Hotel Booker


Going to go abroad and want to find a suitable by price hotel? With the help of Hotel Booker you will be able to find and book more than 100.000 hotels around the world. In the program there is info by the best providers of hotel service in Internet, the service counts optimal price, that is why you will not have to overpay for services.

Still have doubts about at what hotel to stay? Just use Hotel Booker and have rest without troubles! (more…)

StopJetLag – everything due to schedule


Flights from one country to another can be very exhausting, it is especially difficult to get used to jetlag, the necessary rhythm, try to make your daily routine so that you do not spend all day in a bed, to have strength for walks, sightseeing, etc.

Following these simple rules, you will forget about such an unpleasant phenomenon as “time zone change syndrome” and will be able to enjoy wonderful holidays. (more…)

Communicate freely with iHiT LITE


iHit LITE is an original translator supporting many languages (from English to Yiddish and Swahili). It will help in any situation connected with visual communication.
No Internet connection? For iHiT LITE it is not a problem, for the app keeps in memory all phrases, you just need to press “play” and start communicating with an interlocutor. (more…)

Photo Translator Free —take photos & translate

Photo Translator Free

Need to make an instant translation of texts on various subjects or announcements, resumes, but you haven’t access to the Internet or to the dictionary ? Use Photo Translator Free. (more…)

Meet and communicate with CouchSurfing


CouchSurfing is some kind of social net for travelers from all the world. The main task of the app is to give travelers an opportunity to stay with local people, familiarize with their culture, customs, see sights, visit various facilities (cafes, bars, cinemas, shops, etc.)
CouchSurfing is a way of life. If you like independent travels, do not imagine your life without communication and ready to sleep both in a comfortable bed and a small sleeping bag, the CouchSurfing app will become a real finding for you. Discover the world with new friends and impressions! (more…)

Enliven your trips with Tellmewhere


Used to live actively, positively and brightly? Like to discover new places with your friends and share impressions? Do not imagine your life without trips?
is your personal guide in colorful world of entertainment!

At first you need to decide where you want to go.Then choose the necessary category from the list and the app will present detailed info about the facility. (more…)

XE Currency – the best currency converter


XE Currency is a very convenient and absolutely free currency converter. The app will suit perfectly those who go on a trip or keep their savings in currency. Interested in world trends in currency markets? Then download XE Currency on your mobile gadget! You can easily use the converter off-line, because all foreign exchange rates info received at the time of the last Internet connection remains in the app memory. (more…)

Make a visual trip with Cool Cities


Want an abroad trip to be not only pleasant, but also terrific?
The Cool Cities app for iPhone is at your service. This series contains checked data about the best facilities from Rome to New York. All articles have bright photos of high quality which sometimes can say more, than any words. You just need to choose the necessary city and make an exciting journey through the best parks, clubs, shops and museums of various cities. (more…)

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