Vienna Travel: the city & great day trips – Vienna from «А» to «Z»


Plan a trip through Vienna, but do not know what to see first? Would like to appraise the well-known sights of the country, but have doubts what better to choose?

The multifunctional, convenient and very informative virtual guide through Vienna – Vienna Travel: the city & great day trips is at your service. It will be useful both for travelers which plan independent trips and beginners. You just launch the app and start an exciting trip through the Austrian capital. (more…)

Find My Friends will help you find each other


Would like to know where your friends and close people are when it’s necessary to arrange a party or a meeting? Or need to gather all familiar people at one place immediately? Then use the Find My Friends app by all means.

Find My Friends is a convenient social service with a stylish design which can easily find your close people, friends, colleagues, group mates, acquaintances etc. just with the help of a mobile gadget. (more…)

Significant economy with VAT Calculator HD


How many times did you face such a situation: arrived abroad, need to buy something, count the purchase price with VAT, but do not have a calculator at hand or do not know at all what VAT is in this or that country? Simple and convenient in use app Vat Calculator HD will come to your aid.

The tastiest is near with Foodspotting


Foodspotting is an interesting social app which will help find a good cafe, bar, canteen or restaurant nearby. This service is an analogue of Foursquare, but it specializes exclusively in search of facilities with food and beverages.
But the Foodspotting app in no case imposes any restaurants or facilities. All reviews, photos and commentaries are made by active facility visitors which share worthy places with other people (more…)

Comfortable rest with HomeAway


If you plan your vacation and search for a source which would help you rent accommodations to live in during the rest, then the HomeAway app will suit you perfectly.

The HomeAway company acts as an intermediary between property owners and real estate managers and travelers who search for convenient accommodation with suitable price for a rest time to be a worthy substitute for hotels. (more…)

Model of the World 3D Globe


Like virtual trips as well as real ones? Always wanted to glance at the remoted corners of the planet or just find curious places in this or that city?

Nothing is impossible! With 3D Globe the world will be at your fingertips in few seconds. You just need to start the app and enter the necessary country in search line which will momentarily appear on the 3D globe, the found country will be marked with a small red flag. Just touch the flag and you will see a detailed map of the location which you can easily explore. (more…)

Lifebuoy ToiletFinder


Imagine such a situation: during one of enjoyable long walks you got dirty with food, sat on a dirty bench in a park, drank a lot of liquid etc. Where to go to clean yourself quickly if most of toilets are chargeable or you do not see the “WC” sign nearby?

And it is not very convenient to ask passers-by about toilets location. But with the ToiletFinder service it be become so easy to solve this delicate problem. (more…)

Travel to the capital of France with Fotopedia Paris


You always wanted to visit Paris, you heard a lot about “the city of lights”, but for some reason you still put off a visit to the capital of France? Or , maybe, you just want to dip into nostalgia after a recent trip? Then the app Fotopedia Paris is meant for you! (more…)

Only verified information with We Map for Google Maps


We Map for Google Maps is a convenient service offering a simple for users technology of search on maps and data about companies (address, contacts, thoroughfares etc).
We Map for Google Maps let you see maps of countries around the world with different definition level. With such convenient service you will always find necessary address, won’t be late for a meeting or get lost! (more…)

Convenient maps GoMap


The GoMap app allows its users to set their own point of any settlement on the map in any part of the world.
For example, you plan a meeting with colleagues or old friends, but fail to explain in words where the meeting is to take place. The GoMap app will make the task significantly easier!
But how to use this service? (more…)

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